Langerwehe the town

The small German town of Langerwehe (population approx. 13500) lies between Aachen and Cologne. Exmouth has been twinned with Langerwehe since 1985.

Langerwehe is well known for its pottery, boasting a pottery museum with shop, in addition to a large shop on the main road through the town, selling a wide range of designs.

There is also a good mix of small shops in the central area of the town and just off the main street (Hauptstrasse) lies Exmouthplatz named for the town's longstanding twinning link with Exmouth. This is flanked on one side by the Kulturehalle (Community Centre) and by the school on the other.

On Schönhaler Strasse, which joins Hauptstrasse near the railway bridge, will be found the Town Hall (der Rathaus) and outside this building there is a red telephone box and a red pillar box, both gifts from Exmouth Twinning Association.

Langerwehe also has two primary schools.

Images below taken during
the 2019 visit to Langerwehe

2019 visit
At the museum
Ahr Valley walk

Lignite mining

A few miles away from Langerwehe is the largest open-cast mine in Western Europe, producing lignite (brown coal) to fuel both local power plants and some other industries.

This massive undertaking, constantly on the move, has at various times involved relocating entire villages and changing the course of a river. Very successful re-instatement programmes are carried out with land progressively being returned to agricultural and community use. Great care is also taken to protect the local water quality and levels. All this is done with the co-operation of the various local authorities and groups.

Obtaining further information

To learn more of the town, its history, click on 'Links' in the menu above, under Langerwehe. Reports on past visits to/from Langerwehe will be found in the Asociation's newsletters, which are available on this site.

If are driving to Langerwehe from Calais firstly take the A16 and then either

a) join the E42 via Lille to Liège, then the E40 to the Eschweiler turn


b) follow the E40 all the way via Ghent and Brussels.

Langerwehe crest Exmouth crest
Langerwehe Exmouth