Structure & operation


The Management of the Association is vested in a Committee consisting of the four Officers, nine Elected and one Nominated member from the Town Council.

The Committee meets on a regular basis and the Annual General Meeting is in March.


Visits are made to Dinan and Langerwehe in alternate years. The majority of those visiting travel together by coach and a few make their own way there by train or car.

The party is received by the members of the associations of the host towns and are taken off by their friends to their homes where they are entertained for the four days of the visit.

Events in which the whole of the party and their hosts are involved usually include a reception, a sightseeing trip by coach and a dinner dance (or similar). Smaller informal gatherings take place during the stay so that people get to know more than just their own host family.

The twinned town visits Exmouth in the year following that in which the association has paid it a visit and we entertain them in the same way. A family usually receives the family that hosted them and in this way solid and lasting friendships are made. The Mayor of Exmouth holds a reception at the Town Hall for the visiting twinners.


Twinning is paid for by those who take part in it. The Association is not and never has been funded by Local Authorities. It is a popular misconception that Twinning is funded by and is primarily for the benefit of local councillors; nothing could be further from the truth. The only cost to the Town Council is a share of the costs of the reception mentioned above, which is funded jointly with the Association.

Money is raised by Membership Subscriptions, Social Activities and through the charges made to members for Twinning visits both at home and away.


The activities and operation of the Association are governed by its Constitution and the details given above are simplified extracts from that document.
The full wording of Association's Constitution is available for download in one of two formats:
Constitution as approved October 2018, in A4 format (four pages).

The approved Constitution in Booklet format.

Note: to produce a booklet the first two of the page images should be printed back to back and then likewise images three and four.